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If you’ve landed on this page that must mean you are interested in knowing a little bit about me so here goes. I’m Kim Handy, a native Texan who grew up in the suburbs of Missouri City, TX. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Child Psychology from the University of the Incarnate Word (San Antonio) and had aspirations of being a Clinical Psychologist.  I quickly learned how boring that would be because it would not allow me to be creative. I was somewhat of a free spirit and left Texas with two guys, a U-Haul and about $2K to my name and no place to stay when we arrived to our final destination of Orlando, FL. Needless to say I lived in Orlando for eight years and loved it. I fell into a modeling career by accident while living there and unintentionally tapped into my inner glam girl. I moved back to Texas in 1991 and have settled down permanently.

The story behind GlammGirl® Essential Skin Care

A few years ago I turned 40 and noticed a lot of changes happening to my body and my skin. I had my first mammogram, was diagnosed with uterine fibroids and other health issues and for the first time I was experiencing dry skin. All of these things were first time experiences for me. I was really concerned with my skin and realized I needed to start a real regimen with good products. While on a twitter chat, I accidently discovered there were so many toxins in my body care and skin care products. These were products I used every day. I couldn’t believe it. I thought if a product was on the shelf and available for public use, it was considered safe and free of harmful chemicals. That was not the case and it was a very disturbing reality. What was more surprising was to learn the laws regulating the beauty industry were last revised in 1938! What???
I was now on a mission. The only thing I could change at the time was the products I was using. Fast forward to now…I decided I did not want to continue subjecting my health and skin to harmful chemicals. So, I started GlammGirl® Essential Skin Care, a natural, plant-based preventative and anti-aging skin care line for women. My hope is to educate women on the importance of knowing what they are putting on their bodies and face.
Most of the time you will find me on Face Book, Twitter, Pinterest, blogging, online shopping, working out, trying to eat healthy, rambling with a girlfriend and being a bit quirky. I am an introvert and a true child at heart who loves to laugh, have fun and help others.
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"Quality skin care should be an uncomplicated luxury" - Kim Handy  

"Quality skin care should be an uncomplicated luxury" - Kim Handy