Kim Handy is a professionally trained organic skin care formulator and owner of GlammGirl - a luxury lifestyle brand

I bet you're wondering who's the GlammGirl behind the brand? Well, you're in the right place. Hello! I'm Kim Handy. 

A few years ago, I was a woman in my early 40s who began to notice subtle but visible changes with my skin. Dryness, pigmentation and that wrinkle that wouldn’t go away. 

As a former professional model I’ve always been conscientious of my skin and its appearance. For years it was flawless. Now things were changing and I needed to put in more effort. I stumbled across a twitter chat one day and the host was talking about how she was diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumor. Her doctor said it was more than likely environmental. She shared how she replaced all of her beauty products with natural ones and how this prompted her to create her own natural skin care line. For the very first time I was hearing about toxic, harmful chemicals in beauty products, with potentially cancer causing ingredients that consumers were using every day. I was shocked. How could this be? If it’s on the shelf and for sale, surely it must be safe right? Why were consumers being put at risk? These were just some of the questions I needed to get answers to in my quest to find products for my changing skin. 

Since I love research, I started digging for information. I even reached out to the host of that twitter chat and she agreed to talk with me over the phone and share her knowledge of the industry and how she started her business. When I tell you this lady was selfless in sharing what she knew, I was in tears with gratitude after our conversation because of her sincere generosity. After that conversation, I was well on my way to the journey of a lifetime. 

I’ve been fearful on this journey numerous times, more than I care to admit. I’ve cried, been depressed, stressed out, overwhelmed, physically ill, and wanted to quit because I almost let fear win. Why was I afraid? Because I was doing something new. I was putting myself out there to be judged. I didn’t have the confidence I needed to push my way through the fear and I felt that everyone else knew more than I did and was more qualified than I was. Sound familiar? I still deal with fear. What gets me through it? I always think about the last time I was afraid and pushed through it, the worst didn’t happen…it didn’t kill me…I didn’t die from taking the risk. Instead I grew emotionally stronger, more confident and the noise of fear in my mind has diminished.

I received accredited certifications and reputable credentials to back up everything I do and teach.

I started my entrepreneur journey as a certified and professionally trained organic skin care formulator, creating carefully curated skin care products using the best ingredients sourced from all over the world. I'm NOT a network marketer. I'm NOT a self-taught DIYer.  

In July 2014 the GlammGirl brand made its debut and launched a natural skin care line at the beautiful Kate Spade - New York Boutique in Houston, Texas. This was just the beginning of an adventure full of excitement and uncertainties. Fast forward to today, the GlammGirl brand has evolved into a very special and unique, "real life" LIFESTYLE brand. We've never lost sight of our commitment to providing the best in organic and natural beauty products. We have simply expanded our brand and integrated the subtle luxuries that bring us joy and we want to share that with YOU.

In January 2016 we launched our luxury boutique candle collection to compliment our brand. I promise you will LOVE it!

Our hope is to inspire other creatives and indie makers of luxurious beauty and lifestyle brands.   

WELCOME and thank you for stopping by. ~ Kim 

P.S. - I'm a wife, role model, mentee, daydreamer, helper and peacemaker. Side note - I LOVE tulips and cupcakes!