Top 10 reasons why you should start a beauty business?

If you are still on the fence about whether or not you should take the plunge and dive into the beauty industry let me share a few things with you. I will be teaching a very intensive course on how you can actually launch your beauty business in 90 days or less! You can register here

Did you know:

1. The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry and growing!

2. The beauty industry offers some of the largest profit margins compared to other product based businesses!

3. Fragrance-free products made using natural ingredients are growing at a phenomenal rate as consumers are more informed and educated about toxic chemicals in products!

4. The leading online destinations for USA beauty and personal care shoppers is Amazon! 

5. Skin care products make up the largest part of the cosmetic market at 34%!

6. In 2014 the United States generated $2.8 billion from facial skin care sales. The United Kingdom was second at $562 million and third was Italy at $451 million!

7. You do not need to be formerly educated or have certifications in order to start your very own beauty business!

8. Anti-aging formulas are more expensive and therefore more profitable for you!

9. A signature and unique product will set you apart from your competitors!

10. Custom made products are extremely exclusive, specialized and highly sought after!

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Stay fabulous,