Skin Care Tips for the Traveler

I don't know about you, but when I travel and return home, my skin is not the same. With summer approaching, I know many of you will be taking trips via car, plane, cruise, etc. The most significant environmental conditions that effect our skin when traveling are water (hard or soft water conditions, the amount of chlorine in the water, minerals, etc.) and the air (dry, humid or pollution levels).

Here are some essential skin care tips for the traveler:

  • If you are traveling by plane you will have to deal with recycled air during inflight. In-cabin air is extremely dry and your skin will be zapped of hydration. You want to prepare your skin prior to your flight with a product that is going to lock in and retain moisture like our Essential Face Oil found here.
  • Don't rely on hotel products to give you want your skin needs. Most times the "freebie" bath, body and skin care products in your hotel room will not have the ingredients listed and they will not be natural. Avoid sending your skin into shock by bringing your own products that your skin is familiar with. Use travel size bottles and containers for your products.
  • If you opt to have a facial at the spa ask questions first. Most high-end resorts will offer familiar brands but not all. Make sure the products being used on your skin do not contain parabens, sulfates, alcohol and fragrance. TIP: Fragrance is the most common allergen in skin care products that cause acne and problematic skin conditions. Request fragrance-free products formulated with essential oils or fruit extracts.
  • If you will be swimming in the pool or ocean, keep in mind chlorine and salt water are not your friend. Temporary exposure is okay but remember to go into full "repair" mode when you get back to your hotel room. You will need to immediately replenish the moisture that has been removed by the chlorine and salt water.
  • Prepare to pamper your skin while traveling so when you return home you will have very little corrective measures that need to be taken.
  • Don't forget the sunscreen.