Why I decided to offer a hair product and why I resisted in the beginning

For those of you who have been following me for awhile know I started out in the beauty industry with a skin care line. It was strictly a line of facial products. That was in 2013. Fast forward to today, over the past year I've received a lot of inquiries about hair products and products that were multi-tasking. I cringed at the thought of a hair product. Why? Well, many of you don't know I have a medical condition called Fibrosing Alopecia. It's more than just hair loss. This is hair loss that is permanent (according to all of the dermatologists I've seen). It's a condition in which the hair follicles are clogged by too much collagen that's formed around the hair follicle. Before you flood the comments with your favorite product or remedy, let me just say I have been living with this for over 20 years and I'm fine with it. I've used those products that guarantee hair growth but none have worked and I'm not looking for a solution. Also, doing hair is not my favorite thing to deal with and I am not good at so I let a professional take care of my hair. I don't buy hair products. 

So how did the 3 n 1 hydrating balm (which is a multi-tasking product) used for hair come about? Let me tell you. In July 2015 I made plans to offer a live workshop where I would teach other business owners the ins and outs of how to private label and start their beauty business in 90 days or less. The curriculum was intense, heavy and filled with all of the industry secrets that I knew with continued support via a private Face Book group. I ordered lab coats for all of the participants (they never arrived and that's another story) and other extras. Best of all I was giving away five products to each participant to take home with the names of the manufacturers and labs that each product came from so they could get a jump start and potentially include the products in their line. The 3 n 1 hydrating balm was one of those products. I sampled it the year before and I loved it so I thought it would be a great one to share with the participants.  

Sounds great right? Well...NO ONE registered for my awesome class! So guess what? I was left with a ton of products. I didn't want to throw away the 3 n 1 hydrating balm so I just started using it myself. I began by using it after a shower for my dry skin. It was light weight and perfect. Then I tried it on my hands and cuticles and then I thought to myself, I wonder if it works on keeping my dry, course hair moisturized. To my surprise my hair absolutely loves the 3 n 1 hydrating balm. I apply it twice a week, that's it and my hair is shiny and my scalp stays moisturized. In February 2016 I decided to make it apart of my own line and the 3 n 1 hydrating balm was officially born and made public. It solves the problem that many came to me with who were looking for one product that did multiple tasks. Instead of having one product for hair, one product for body and one product for hands, the 3 n 1 hydrating is the ONE product that addresses everything. The absorption time is within 10 minutes, it's light weight, has a non-greasy texture and it's AMAZING on kinky, coily, curly, mixed chicks and blended heritage hair types! 

I thought about offering another face to face class but at this time, I don't know when that will happen. I really enjoy sharing with others who are interested in private labeling vs making their own products, how to do it the right way. This is why I created the Beauty Business Blueprint Super Start Up Course. It will walk you through step by step with case studies of two well known, successful brands (Mixed Chicks and GlamGlow), I give you a substantial list of vendors and manufacturers, it helps you understand pricing for wholesale and retail, a sample line sheet is included, and so much more. 

I would love to hear your feedback and if you've tried the 3 n 1 hydrating balm, let me know how you use it. 

~ Kim ~