Three MAJOR Life Lessons I learned in 2015

WOW 2015 is behind us, can you believe it. We survived! I don’t know about you but I am in great expectation of what this New Year has to offer. I am so thankful for the valuable connections I made last year, literally all over the world. I learned some life changing lessons last year that I want to share with you. I have always believed in presenting myself in an honest and authentic manner. It’s so easy to become “someone” else on social media and to pretend everything is always good. Well for me, that is not the case. So here goes… 

MAJOR Lesson #3 – I learned I do not handle stress well. Surprise, surprise. This lesson actually sent me to the Urgent Care Clinic earlier in the year. My head was throbbing and I felt exhausted. My blood pressure was the highest it has ever been – 197/110! The doctor would not release me and told me that I was at risk for having a stroke. Well, that news, I’m sure elevated my blood pressure and caused me more stressed. I immediately thought to myself, okay, I need to calm down, relax and make some immediate changes. The problem was, I didn’t know the source of my stress. I didn’t even feel like I was stressed or overwhelmed. I was happy at home, happy with my career and happy with the direction my business was going. So the conclusion was that I was just doing too much, not taking time out for me and possibly internalizing stress from others. Trying to commit 100% to too many different things. Some of us call it wearing too many hats. My solution was to bring everything to an immediate halt. Take a few days off from everything, re-evaluate and re-group. I learned how to say no more frequently and made self-care a priority.  

MAJOR Lesson #2 – I learned that not everyone will celebrate you when you think it’s obvious that they should. It doesn’t cost anything to give a compliment or say congratulations. Even though we live in a competitive society, I am not competitive by nature. I love being a cheerleader for other’s successes and accomplishments. I don’t expect this to be reciprocated in the same way that I celebrate others but sometimes a little acknowledgement goes a long way. What do you think? How do you celebrate others? When was the last time you celebrated someone else for their accomplishment? 

MAJOR Lesson #1 – I am highly sensitive and intuitive. It’s easy for me to “feel” energy from others. This is great when the other person has great, positive energy. It’s not so great when the energy is heavy, depressing, negative and abrasive. Negative energy is a source of stress for me. It seems to take a lot less energy to be positive and thankful rather than to be mean, mad and dogmatic. If I could spend my days constantly surrounded by positive energy I would be in a state of bliss. Since I know this is not realistic, I do my best to manage this area of my life. Yes, there are many things that happen to us that are out of our control but I am talking about those things we have control of. For example, those toxic relationships we chose not to walk away from and the unhealthy and high risk behaviors we willingly participate in. I have had to walk away from many toxic relationships in the past. Yes, this is a difficult thing to do when you are in the moment and facing a life changing decision. But trust me, in my case, the grass was definitely greener on the other side. 

Wishing you the very BEST in 2016! ~ Kim