Why I decided to re-brand my business

Some of you may have noticed some changes in the look and feel of my business, GlammGirl. Initially in 2014, it started out as an organic skin care brand, GlammGirl Essential Skin Care. It was an exciting time. I'm professionally trained and certified in creating beautiful skin care products. I never used recipes from beauty blogs, Pinterest or YouTube. I spent so much time and money on my continuing education in the skin care industry and was happy to do so. I was content. Everything was coming together nicely and at a comfortable pace. I was happy with by brand and it's image. In October 2015 I was even planning fifty-six blog posts for 2016 so I could get off to a strong and consistent start for the new year. So what happened? Just doing skin care eventually became forced. Something was missing, something was not complete. Well, as simple as it seems I participated in a Goal Setting Pro Course hosted by Women CEO Project. When I tell you this FREE course changed my life, I mean it. It also immediately changed the trajectory of my entire business. It made me dig very deep into the things I liked, I was good at, what I loved and what I could make money doing. It made me face my fears and eliminate procrastination. It gave me a crystal clear vision and road map for my business. It made me see GlammGirl as more than a skin care brand but as a LIFESTYLE brand - and I could still incorporate some aspects of skin care because beautiful women, who love beautiful things, deserve to have beautiful skin. I did not plan for this. I had no idea it was going to happen. I took the course in December 2015 after I had most of 2016 planned out. It was this course, the guided action lessons and digital worksheets that gave me more clarity (I thought I already had clarity) than ever before. Best of all, I could attend the course at my own pace. 

Once I accepted that GlammGirl was going to be a lifestyle brand it became so easy to put together a strategy for the business. I re-structured the website in about three hours and started planning the launch of our newest product - the Platinum Panache Luxury Candle (they've actually been selling before being publicly available on the site). 

I hope you continue on this journey with GlammGirl. It's more than skin care. We'll be looking for qualified wholesale stockists to carry some of our products very soon. To say we're simply excited is an understatement. 

Hugs ~Kim