I have a confession to make. The older I get, the more resistant I become to the term “anti-aging” and the more I want to embrace the term “pro-aging.” You’ve probably never heard of pro-aging so let me explain what this means. It may seem a bit self-explanatory just by the name itself. No fluff here. The bottom line is this; pro-aging is simply the opposite of ant-aging. Let’s take a closer look at these terms.

Anti-aging is the use of a product or technique to prevent the appearance of getting older. It has become more of a social movement especially as the baby boomer generation is living longer. The idea behind anti-aging is to reverse or reduce the effects of aging. The cosmetic surgery industry thrives on this movement. Beauty brands have given the term anti-aging new life. I have even seen anti-aging hair products supposedly to prevent your hair from aging. I’ve also seen anti-aging referred to the food we eat. This movement reminds me of the Tale of the Fountain of Youth when Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon was searching for this fountain when traveling in what is now known as Florida in 1513. It seems as though we are still in search of The Fountain of Youth even today. But now it’s not in the form or a brook or stream but in the form of a serum, lotion or cream. Personally, I believe anti-aging is over commercialized.  We are constantly bombarded with images of beautiful models with flawless skin. Products are flashed before us and sent to us in a monthly subscription box. I also believe the term is a bit misleading. There really is no such thing as anti-aging as long as you continue to live. When I use the term, I use it very loosely and broadly.

Pro-aging focuses on embracing aging without attempting to reverse or eliminate the visible signs of aging. This is when people are more accepting at looking good at their age. You won’t see this group spending a lot of money on anti-aging products. They may not even believe in such a thing as anti-aging. Personally, one step I have taken in the pro-aging direction is that I choose not to color my gray hair. I actually love my gray and I embrace it. I can’t wait for all of my hair to be a beautiful gray/white color. I know, I sound too excited about this. That’s not to say I’m not equally excited about developing wrinkles. That’s not the case. I create my own products and a lot of the ingredients I use specifically address aging. This is because the companies I get my ingredients from also sell to brands who heavily market anti-aging products and I’m okay with that. However, I do not seek out ingredients for anti-aging because I want to revers aging or have the skin of a 20 year old.

Aging is a blessing. Long life is a blessing. My question to you is this. Do you fit more into the anti-aging category or the pro-aging category? I would love to know.