So You Want to Create a Beauty Product? How do you start?

It's no secret the beauty industry is a billion dollar industry and is growing by leaps and bounds. There are enormous opportunities to be had in this industry. Whether you want to sell skin care, body care, hair care or cosmetics, there is a place for you in the beauty industry.

First there are a few questions you should ask yourself before you take the big leap. You need to identify your ideal customer and/or target audience.

1) Who do you want to sell to (please don't say everybody). I take you through a thorough actionable activity in the eCourse Beauty Business Blueprint Super Startup!- Launch your beauty business in 90 days or less to show you exactly how to create your ideal customer on paper, give him/her a name, a lifestyle, etc. (get it here).

2) How are you going to price your product. Pricing too low and too how can be detrimental. You need to find that pricing sweet spot. I show you how here.

3) Are there any regulatory or legal issues you need to be aware of? I go into detail on the FDA requirements here.

4) What type of ingredients do you want to use? Organic, synthetic, a combination of both. Do you want to provide and anti-aging line (big profits), an acne line, a sensitive skin line...the options are endless. I talk about narrowing this down here. The state of California has a list of chemicals known as causing cancer or causing reproductive toxicity. If you plan to sell in Canada you need to be aware of their "hot list" of ingredients not allowed in Canada. The European Union also has a list of ingredients to avoid.

Much thought should go into your vision before you launch so will avoid costly mistakes down the road.

Good luck and best wishes!

At what age should you start using anti-aging products?

At what age should you start using anti-aging products?

What do you think: is it 20, 25, 35, 40 or older? A young lady asked me this question recently at GlammGirl’s Customer Celebration Day. My response will definitely interest you. The aging process is inevitable. As long as we live, we age. However, the signs of aging affect us individually in different ways. The signs of aging actually have nothing to do with a person’s chronological age. Starting an anti-aging skin care regimen while in your 20s is reasonable if you need it. For others, you may not need it until you are in your 30s or 40s. It’s all relative and there is no magic age to start using anti-aging products. You also want to consider an anti-aging regimen as a preventative measure to slow down the formation of those wrinkles and eliminate those age spots. It’s also important to remember the purpose of anti-aging products is not to prevent or eliminate aging but to slow the process down. The key is to use high performing products with anti-aging ingredients such as vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, licorice root extract and glycolic acid early and consistently. This means establishing a skin care routine which includes exfoliating and these ingredients.

Let’s look at some of the external factors that contribute to the visible signs of aging. It’s no secret that the biggest culprit in skin care aging is sun damage. This is true for all skin types and skin tones. 

Here is a list of “absolutes” that speed up your skin’s aging process:

  • Not using sunscreen

  • Living in a polluted environment

  • Smoking

  • Drinking excessively

  • High intake of caffeine (caffeine is dehydrating)

  • Certain medications

  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices (drug addictions, poor eating habits)

Another fact to know is that 30% of how we age is genetic. If your parents have “great” skin, then you will benefit from that. On the flip side, if they don’t, you will experience that as well. You want to approach an anti-aging skin care regimen holistically. You must use quality products with high performing ingredients and you must maintain a healthy lifestyle (eating healthy, exercising, drinking tons of water, etc.). I want you to dispel the myth that “anti-aging” products are for women over 40 only.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions or feedback, please drop a comment below.

Kim ~


Top 10 reasons why you should start a beauty business?

If you are still on the fence about whether or not you should take the plunge and dive into the beauty industry let me share a few things with you. I will be teaching a very intensive course on how you can actually launch your beauty business in 90 days or less! You can register here

Did you know:

1. The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry and growing!

2. The beauty industry offers some of the largest profit margins compared to other product based businesses!

3. Fragrance-free products made using natural ingredients are growing at a phenomenal rate as consumers are more informed and educated about toxic chemicals in products!

4. The leading online destinations for USA beauty and personal care shoppers is Amazon! 

5. Skin care products make up the largest part of the cosmetic market at 34%!

6. In 2014 the United States generated $2.8 billion from facial skin care sales. The United Kingdom was second at $562 million and third was Italy at $451 million!

7. You do not need to be formerly educated or have certifications in order to start your very own beauty business!

8. Anti-aging formulas are more expensive and therefore more profitable for you!

9. A signature and unique product will set you apart from your competitors!

10. Custom made products are extremely exclusive, specialized and highly sought after!

You can get your seat here to the Beauty Business Blueprint: Launch your beauty business in 90 days or less.

Stay fabulous,